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Decker and Decker Services

Site Work, Complete Site Development

At Decker and Decker we have the experience and equipemnt to handle your site development. We perform complete site development for apartment complexes, shopping centers, professional buildings and recreational sites like bowling allies. We offer a full line of Site Work, Site Development, and Excavation Services including: Grading, Drainage, Bridges, Water and Sewer Hook Ups, and Road Beds.

Excavating, Earth Moving, Earth Work

Decker and Decker can lower it, tilt it, raise it, or remove the rocks. We can make the water flow where it should to comply with environmental regulations. And it will look good when we are done.

Arch Bridges

Decker and Decker does a great job of creating bridges that are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Our bridge look good and can handel heavy traffic. We will meet and exceed construtcion codes for bridges on your property. Go with an experienced bridge contractor instead of risking your project on an inexperienced company. We've done it before and we can do a good job for you also.

Retaining Walls

We build structural or decorative retaining walls to meet the needs of any property. Walls can be used to divert or retain water or compliment your landscaping design. We are happy to use constructed blocks or natural materials.

Road Beds

Decker and Decker can build road beds, culverts, bridges, parking lots, curbs, sidewalks, and other concrete or automobile accessible structures to compliment your property.

Water and Sewer Connections

We are experienced at connecting to water mains or sewer mains and we comply with all state and local requirements. We can also do pumps and completely compliant sanitary spetic systems if that is what your property requires. Our experts are completely familiar with the latest water treatment technologies to advise you on meeting environmental and local laws.

Underground Utilities

Decker and Decker can connect your utilities and multiple buildings. We can move your utilities underground to improve the look of your properties or to comply with local ordinances.

Storm Drainage Systems

At Decker and Decker we are experts with water. We can store it, divert it, clean it, or retain it. With our vast experience we can help you solve your water problems and comply with environmental regulations. We can also help you develop your property in ways to avoid storm damage to protect your investment.

Demolition, Hauling, Equipment Rentals

We can help you with any dmolition project. And we are happy to help you haul debris or other items. We also rent construction equipment to experienced operators when we have equipment that is not being used.

Snow Removal

During the winter season we can help our customers keep their properties safe and clear of snow and ice.

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